The best of laminate and real wood together in a multi-layer parquet and veneer flooring by Par-ky!


Par-ky is multi-layer parquet which combines the warmth and unique design of real wood with the advantages of laminate. Par-ky is as easy to install and maintain as laminate flooring. Yet there is a big difference: the top layer of Par-ky is real wood, and not an imitation print as with laminate. What you see and what you feel is natural wood. There are no 2 identical trees and therefore each board is unique. That is exactly what makes the difference in your home, office or shop. A Par-ky floor shows off the most beautiful wood nature has created to a very high level of quality.

New to the range are the top layers in 2mm and 3.2 mm and the exceptionally attractive sizes.


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Reasons for choosing Par-ky

Real wood

Every Par-ky board has a top layer of thin wood. That's why our floors look like solid parquet. Just like in nature, no two Par-ky floorboards are the same. In addition, the wood also feels pleasantly warm to the touch.


All bevels are stained, lacquered and protected from humidity thanks to our Aqua Sealing Complete system. The V-groove is also given an "Ultrafresh" antibacterial protective coating. This ensures that bacteria cannot take root there. So your floor remains not only clean, but also hygienic.

Our floors are sustainable

Par-ky loves wood, so we are very careful how we use this precious, natural resource. We optimise the use of this raw material by slicing it into very thin flitches instead of using thick lumber boards where most of the wood is underutilized. In addition, all our wood comes from sustainable forests.

Stronger than solid parquet

A Par-ky floor is not only strong but also extremely impact-resistant, thanks to its ULTRA-STRONG HDF CORE (High-Density Fibreboard). The HDF is combined with a wood top layer and then finished with EIGHT DURABLE LAYERS of UV cured lacquer. This ingenious composition ensures that our floors are more resistant to impacts than solid parquet.